Secure Endpoint OS and Azure Virtual Desktop

Access virtualized Windows 11 and Windows 10 desktops and apps with the reliability of Azure and secure IGEL OS that supports the many ways our customers work from anywhere.

In an industry first collaboration, IGEL and Imprivata enable
no-click access to Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 Cloud PC in healthcare.

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IGEL and MICROSOFT Empower Digital Workspaces

IGEL is a transformative secure endpoint OS designed for SaaS, DaaS, VDI and secure browser environments. IGEL’s endpoint strategy for now and next partners with leading cloud technologies. Together with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Windows 365 PC,  IGEL delivers a secure cloud-based digital workspace on any x86-64 desktop PC, laptop or thin client  from anywhere.

Rapid and Secure Onboarding Boosts User Experience

Secure IGEL OS on the endpoint with AVD and Windows 365  optimizes delivery of virtualized Windows 11 and Windows 10 desktops and apps with the reliability and scalability of Azure.  IGEL OS reduces the need for additional software agents, extensive testing programs, and long update cycles. The results reduce endpoint CAPEX and OPEX by up to 75%, deliver more uptime, and better endpoint performance.

IGEL’s Preventative Security Model (PSM) eliminates vulnerabilities on traditional endpoint devices, preventing ransomware and malware attacks. Rather than a monitor – detect – remediate model that requires multiple layers of security and management agents, the IGEL PSM removes the vulnerabilities and the need for costly and complex tools.

IGEL OS runs on any x86-64 laptop, thin and zero client device. Lean IGEL OS requires a lower specification device, consumes less power, optimizes existing devices to reduce CAPEX and OPEX by eliminating add-on management and security agents

By enabling the use of energy efficient endpoint devices and removing the need for costly management and security agents, IGEL minimizes TCO, reduces management overhead, and enables a secure, cost-effective, and sustainable endpoint strategy for the enterprise. AVD offers a pay-per-use model to scale consumption on demand with no long-term commitments or upfront payments.

Microsoft and IGEL keep your business running smoothly

California City Blazes Trails in Move to Cloud Workspaces

“The flexibility afforded by the cloud workspace solution since adopting IGEL, Citrix and Microsoft has enabled us to keep operating–and in some cases has saved jobs.”

Chris McMasters, CIO, City of Corona

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