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IGEL Secure Endpoint OS
for Security Now & Next

IGEL Preventative Security Model™ eliminates the endpoint vulnerabilities targeted by bad actors

Endpoint security is costly, complicated, and frequently ineffective. But as cloud-first initiatives remove application workloads from the endpoint and into SaaS, DaaS and VDI environments, there is an opportunity for an endpoint re-think.  

IGEL OS transforms endpoint security by removing the attack vectors that are frequently exploited by bad actors. A secure Linux operating system, IGEL OS delivers everything the endpoint needs for a great cloud-first user experience. 

Utilized by many of the world’s leading healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail and government organizations, IGEL OS supports Zero Trust approaches to security and partners with leading Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) vendors to compliment and re-enforce those solutions 

IGEL’s Preventative Security Model transforms endpoint security through:

Read-Only Operating System

The read-only operating system prevents would-be-attackers from compromising or infecting the optimized IGEL OS with malware. Attacks that utilize phishing or similar techniques luring a user to click a download are not able to commit changes to the disk. At every reboot the OS undergoes several integrity checks to ensure that at reboot the OS is in a known good state  

No Local Data Storage

Many breach investigations take place because data has or might have been downloaded to an endpoint, or a connected drive by the user. This could be in the form of a downloaded file, screen shots or cached files. IGEL OS does not permit users to store data locally and can block any external drive that may create a pathway for exfiltration. If the endpoint is IGEL’d, breach investigations due to a lost or stolen device can be immediately concluded. 

Trusted Application Platform

Each stage of the IGEL OS boot process is checked through a cryptographic signature of the next, starting with a UEFI secure boot tied to the hardware. This chain ensures the integrity of the endpoint OS and enables a fast recovery from attempted cyber-attacks 

Authentication, SSO and SASE

IGEL partners with the leading authentication vendors including Citrix, Imprivata Microsoft, Okta, Ping Identity and VMware to integrate with broader standards. IGEL OS native applications for these solutions can be accessed from the IGEL App Portal and securely provisioned to every endpoint from the IGEL Universal Management Suite. The IGEL Preventative Security Model in combination with industry partnerships helps organizations meet more than 60% of the US Government Zero Trust Architecture Requirements supporting key elements of the user, device, application and workload, network and environment, and visibility and analytics Zero Trust pillars. 

Modular Design

At just 2GB, IGEL OS is a much smaller attack surface than a traditional endpoint OS. IGEL OS 12 only contains what the user needs to accomplish their tasks. Additional functionality such as partner integrations with Citrix and VMware, the above security vendors and more, can be downloaded from the IGEL App Portal and centrally provisioned through the IGEL Universal Management Suite 

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Secure Access to Patient Information

Instant, no-click access to Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 Cloud PC

IGEL and Imprivata collaborate to integrate IGEL OS and
Imprivata OneSign to enable seamless access to
Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 Cloud PC.

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IGEL and COCC pioneer EUC innovation in fintech

COCC’s iWorkstation powered by IGEL enables community banks and credit unions to monitor, manage, and safeguard their endpoints seamlessly

COCC’s iWorkstation powered by IGEL COSMOS
enables community banking institutions to monitor,
manage, and secure their endpoints seamlessly

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Secure digital workspace experience for staff and students

Consistent resources access for students and staff with IGEL OS

Texas school district saves money by
improving secure endpoint management with IGEL

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Support and Community

IGEL offers 24/7 technical support, a dedicated technical relationship manager (TRM), the IGEL Academy interactive learning portal and online knowledge base to engage and train your IT teams to get the most of IGEL to ensure uptime and availability of critical retail operations systems. IGEL Community of 11,000 members is a hub of passionate customers, partners, peers and experts in EUC. 

Achieve Comprehensive Preventative Endpoint Protection for a more secure, sustainable and resilient Enterprise

These ten plus one points explain why with its simplicity, unbeatable security, environmental and monetary benefits and industry leading support, IGEL OS is the endpoint OS for now and next.

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