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IGEL and COCC pioneer EUC innovation in fintech

COCC’s iWorkstation powered by IGEL enables community banks and credit unions to monitor, manage, and safeguard their endpoints seamlessly
IGEL’s partnerships across the industry, combined with its passion for EUC, is creating many opportunities for COCC to expand our services offerings for community banks and credit unions.Billy CruzTechnology Services Manager



  • COCC, a recognized leader in delivering innovative, comprehensive technology and partnerships, offers feature-rich, modern, standards-based core and digital banking solutions, combining intuitive user experiences and APIs to streamline advanced fintech integrations. COCC has been clientowned for over 50 years, acting as a partner to clients with an unmatched focus on service to help community banks and credit unions meet their unique and ever-changing needs. To learn more, visit


  • As the drumbeat of innovation quickens, the financial services industry is under pressure to modernize its IT infrastructure. Community banks and credit unions served by COCC face a balancing act. They must adopt cutting-edge technology solutions that streamline processes, enhance security, simplify operations, and improve user experience, all while managing with limited technical and financial resources.




  • Having emerged as a go-to provider of technology solutions for smaller financial institutions aiming to gain a competitive edge, COCC partnered with IGEL to enable community banks and credit unions to monitor, manage, and upgrade their endpoints easily, keeping them secure and up-to-date while providing employees with secure access to their digital workspaces from any device, anywhere.

“IGEL, combined with backend capabilities from partners like VMware, enables us to bring enterprise-level technology innovation to our small and medium-sized financial services clients, something we would have never dreamed of being able to do prior to IGEL,” said Cruz. “With its robust endpoint management software, IGEL helps us empower our clients to centralize digital workspace management and enhance security and organizational efficiency, all without having to invest heavily in their own hardware or IT resources.”


In February 2023, IGEL unveiled COSMOS, a unified, agile platform for securely managing and automating the delivery of digital workspaces from any cloud. Offering a modular architecture, granular endpoint control, and end-user freedom, IGEL COSMOS is designed to enable organizations to garner the full power of current-day and future clouds with extensive control while powering great user experiences for today’s hybrid work.

As a participant in the IGEL COSMOS pilot program, COCC was involved in testing the newest versions of the software. Through this program, COCC was able to work with a select group of clients who utilize the COCC iWorkstation platform, a cloud-hosted virtual desktop infrastructure providing financial institutions with secure, remote access to applications and data, deploying the newest version of IGEL software and testing it in everyday production environments.

“In the heavily regulated financial services sector, security is a big concern,” said Cruz. “The devices used by our clients must be locked down and secure so if something does get stolen, it‘s just a matter of a device being lost and not data itself. IGEL COSMOS has been a gamechanger for us, dramatically improving security at the endpoint with its unique approach of separating the IGEL OS from the application layer.”

He added, „By isolating the essential applications for each install and eliminating unnecessary software and components, we‘ve simplified our image management. This streamlined approach, focused on having just what we need on each machine, has become our standard practice.“


In partnering with IGEL, COCC has also found the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) to be a valuable tool for managing its clients’ end-user computing environments. “UMS made the transition to IGEL so simple and required very little training. It was straightforward, with settings that were easy to locate,” explained Cruz.

He added, “We manage many remote devices for clients, and updating them can be a struggle due to the FTP server requirement. Now, with direct cloud access via the UMS, we can easily update these devices over the public internet.”

IGEL also helps COCC significantly save costs for its clients by enabling them to repurpose devices up to four or five years old, for another three to five years. “Recycling existing hardware isn‘t just a deal-breaker, but a necessity for us, as it helps us to ensure our clients can afford these devices and the infrastructure to manage them,” said Cruz.

Through its partnership with IGEL, COCC continues to refine its dynamic and flexible iWorkstation solution providing community financial institutions with the tools they need to stay ahead of the technology curve.

“Prior to IGEL, our virtualization platform was limited to physical servers, but our evolution into an Infrastructure as a Service provider with IGEL has truly revolutionized our VDI capabilities,” concluded Cruz.

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