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Put IGEL’s passionate customers and partners in a room, mix them with EUC experts from around the globe and out comes the IGEL Community!

Join over 11,100 IGEL Community members to exchange ideas and gather insights, hints, tricks for working with IGEL products from industry experts, IGEL engineers, partners, and customers.

The IGEL Community is a place where you can learn, collaborate, grow technically, and get help with IGEL products and solutions. The IGEL community runs on SLACK and now has over 11,100 members from around the world, across multiple technology channels. It is FREE to join and we know, you will love it.

The IGEL Community Archives is a new resource that takes the most common support questions found in the community slack channels, with their answers, and publishes them onto an ever-updating, searchable feed. If you want to find answers to common questions, then IGEL Community might just have the answer.

“Just wanted to reach out and say thank you to everyone in this community. Every single issue that we have had during our rollout has been solved due to either direct “do this” types of responses or an indirect find based on the advice of where to look next. Sometimes I just scroll through the questions and comments to learn how to accomplish things I didn’t even know I needed to know. So cool. Thanks to all of you! I truly love IGEL, and this community is fantastic.”

– Zachary Sholar – Team Lead, Senior Systems Programmer – Client Systems at Kindred Healthcare

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