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The EUC Event for Now & Next

Endpoint Cybersecurity, Digital Workspaces, and Beyond.

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Miami, Florida, Apr 29 - May 1

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Join us for a 3-day agenda packed full of key analysts, technical certifications, and industry experts at the largest end user conference in the industry.

Immerse yourself in all things EUC, endpoint security, digital workspaces, and more. This is the only event, expo, and technical bootcamp you need to be at this year.

The Ultimate EUC Event

In our dynamic EUC world, where innovation knows no bounds, we're extending a warm invitation to you as we continue to redefine the very essence of endpoint computing. IGEL is thrilled to unveil our premier IT event DISRUPT 2024, and we invite you to join us for a landmark platform where visionaries, technologists, and EUC enthusiasts from across the world will come together to explore all aspects of EUC in 2024 and beyond.

IGEL CEO Headshot

Klaus Oestermann


virtual desktop end user computing cybersecurity conference

What to Expect

Key EUC Analysts

Endpoint Security Insights

Future-proofing Digital Workspaces

Technical Certifications & Bootcamps

Industry Content Tracks

Largest partner expo in EUC

End users and Industry-leading Channel/Technology Partners in Attendance

Party Headliner

Pablo Reyes, Founding Member of the

virtual desktop end user computing cybersecurity conference

The Ultimate
EUC Event

Get ready for education, inspiration, and market-leading insights to get you geared up for the year ahead and beyond. Expect exciting keynotes, breakouts, and BIG IGEL announcements amid the buzzing backdrop of live music, street food, and plenty of surprises along the way.


The IGEL technology partner community contains the leading global brands driving innovation in the new, hybrid working world. Get the lowdown from industry experts throughout the EUC universe and discover how they are changing the game in 2024 and beyond.

Technical Content Tracks, Training, and Bootcamps

Put your brainpower through its paces at our NEW content tracks, trainings, and technical bootcamps. From EUC Transformation, Healthcare, and Cybersecurity content tracks to a CXO Round Table, an IGEL Community gathering and IGEL Ready Advisory Board meeting, plus a multitude of exclusive partner bootcamps and certifications, it's a technical exploration unlike any other.

cybersecurity conference

Register Now for

Miami, Florida, Apr 29 - May 1

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virtual desktop end user computing conference in Miami
cybersecurity conference

Pre-Register Now for

Munich, Germany, Sept (tbc)

DISRUPT 24 is heading back to Munich.

We're busy working on even bigger agendas, speakers, and surprises. You don't want to miss this. Pre-register to get early bird discount codes straight to your inbox.

Munich Pre-Registration

Grab your spot today and gain access to early bird pricing and offers!

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