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IGEL Revolutionizes Cloud Workspace Endpoint Management with IGEL OS 11

Flexible software licensing options de-couple the hardware from the software, making it easier and more cost-effective than ever to sell, manage, and support IGEL’s software-defined endpoint solutions

San Francisco, Jan. 24, 2019 – IGEL, a world leader in software-defined endpoint optimization and control solutions for the secure enterprise, today launched the IGEL Workspace Edition. Powered by the IGEL OS 11 operating system, the IGEL Workspace Edition demonstrates, once again, that IGEL is leading the industry in its software-first approach and ability to standardize, manage and secure any complex end user computing ecosystem. Being unveiled today at the 2019 IGEL DISRUPT End User Computing Forum event in Munich, Germany, the IGEL Workspace de-couples the hardware from the software through new, flexible and transferable software licensing options that are designed to increase the value of endpoints while simplifying their acquisition, control and management.

“With the launch of the IGEL Workspace, we’ve made endpoint management and control even easier and more cost-effective than ever before,” said Jed Ayres, President and CEO, IGEL North America and Global CMO. “First, we revolutionized endpoint management, bringing simplicity and uniformity to complex VDI ecosystems. Now we’re revolutionizing endpoint acquisition, ownership, and support, a move that we believe is going to be very exciting for both our partners and customers, and one that will make a tremendous impact on their ability to secure, optimize and control the endpoint.”

Shifting Priorities Prompt Need to Redefine Endpoint Acquisition and Ownership

IGEL is the only full-offering software-defined endpoint management solution that supports the assignment and transfer of licensing to anycompatible x86 machine, regardless of manufacturer. By separating the software licensing from hardware and pricing, IGEL is maximizing flexibility for its partners and customers by making it easier to acquire and manage a diverse range of endpoints.

“We’ve always been a software-first company,” continued Ayres. “Now with the upswing in user mobility, BYOD, IoT and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS), endpoint devices are proliferating and IT is moving toward software-defined, cloud, and ‘pay as you go’ subscription and consumption licensing. Subscription-based is the modern way by which organizations buy software.”

New Features Make Endpoints Simpler to Manage, Easier to Sell

With the IGEL Workspace, partners and customers will benefit from several features in the IGEL OS 11 that make endpoints simpler to manage. These include:

  • New, modern product structure simplifiesendpoint acquisition, provides customers with more choice and flexibility, and offers greater value for the investment.
  • New cloud-based software licensingmakes it easy for customers to manage all their endpoint licenses, with complete insight.
  • License roaming supports the migration of software licenses between any compatible x86 devices for greater flexibility and even more hardware cost containment
  • New support offerings fit the needs of any enterprise and complement the new product structure to give customers complete confidence in their end user computing environment.
  • New and modern IGEL OS device interfaceduring boot up and for those who log directly into an IGEL OS 11 powered device.
  • Expanded partner ecosystem, now 80+ partners strong and growing, helps ensure effective IGEL-driven solutions support a vast range of IT and user environments.

Additionally, with the IGEL Workspace, partner organizations will receive transferable licensing and bundled value-added features that make it easier to sell. “Our new subscription licensing model complements the existing perpetual licensing model that our partners and customers are used to. This will also drive more transactions  to naturally cultivate recurring relationships with their customers,” said Simon Richards, Chief Sales Officer, IGEL.

Unique Licensing Model Drives Flexibility; Minimizes Expenses

IGEL’s software-first approach makes it easy for IT organizations to acquire and manage endpoints, regardless of whether they have 10 or 10,000 users. With the IGEL Workspace, partners and customers can transfer both the perpetual and the subscription upgrade licensing to any new or existing x86 device.

“What was once very easy to operate and manage is now also very simple to purchase and own, while providing even greater value to our customers,” continued Richards. “Not only are we minimizing hardware expenses for our customers and partners by providing them with the industry’s most powerful and most intuitive endpoint management platform, they can also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they will get constant updates from 80+ integrated technology partners. Ultimately, this enables them to maintain full-featured functionality with the broadest array of endpoint ecosystem partner offerings.”

With the IGEL Workspace, customers can also install or transfer both the perpetual license and the subscription option. Some of the new features specific to IGEL OS 11 include a switching feature and profile support for IGEL Universal Desktop, IGEL UD Pocket and the IGEL UDC using the same firmware across all devices; enhanced display switching feature that supports complex configurations with more than two screens; and, auto-DPI for 4K displays.

The Enterprise Management Pack software subscription includes the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) and other value-added capabilities.  A suite of new enterprise class support offerings complements the new product capabilities.  Select, Priority, and Priority Plus support packages provide a good-better-best approach to support from which customers can choose the support package that works best for them.  The base Select support is included with software maintenance.


The new IGEL Workspace is available now, and IGEL OS 11 is now being offered to customers as a “tech preview” through a free, 30-day trial.

To learn more about the 2019 IGEL DISRUPT End User Computing Forum events in Munich, Germany and Silicon Valley, Calif visit To learn more about IGEL’s growing portfolio of technology partners, visit

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IGEL delivers powerful unified endpoint management software that is revolutionary in its simplicity and purpose-built for the enterprise. The company’s world-leading software products include the IGEL OS™, Universal Desktop Converter™ (UDC), IGEL Cloud Gateway™ (ICG), IGEL UD Pocket™ (UDP) and Universal Management Suite™ (UMS). These solutions enable a more secure, manageable and cost-effective endpoint management platform across nearly any x86 device. Additionally, IGEL’s German engineered and manufactured thin, zero and all-in-one client solutions deliver the industry’s best warranty (5 years), support (3 years after end of life) and management functionality. IGEL enables enterprises to precisely control all devices running IGEL OS as well as Windows OS from a single dashboard interface. IGEL has offices worldwide and is represented by partners in over 50 countries. For more information on IGEL, visit

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