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Test Drive IGEL OS 11 Subscription

Accelerate your proof of concept of IGEL OS 11, IGEL Management Suite, and IGEL Cloud Gateway with IGEL TestDrive proof of concept service.


  • IGEL TestDrive PoC service is free of charge and takes 4 weeks
  • An IGEL Sales Engineer will guide you throughout the PoC process
  • PoC success criterion are agreed upon together at the start of the process
  • Save the time and IT resources it takes to set up a test environment for IGEL OS, IGEL Universal Management Suite, and IGEL Cloud Gateway on your own
  • Upon successful PoC completion and order of IGEL OS 11 subscription licenses you can benefit from a special offer Get Started with IGEL* workshop.

IGEL Get Started Package

Following a successful proof of concept in IGEL TestDrive, an IGEL Solutions Architect, will bring your use cases into your environment.

Within the IGEL Get Started Package*, our experienced IGEL experts will work together with you on achieving the following milestones:

  • IGEL environment design session in compliance with IGEL best practices
  • A blueprint document of IGEL Design
  • Build of a production ready IGEL environment (based on the IGEL design document and the success criteria set down during the TestDrive PoC)
  • Deployment of use cases identified within the TestDrive PoC into the production ready IGEL environment

IGEL OS 11 Subscription

The IGEL OS subscription options offer our customers the opportunity to easily acquire IGEL OS and support, to get the most value out of their investment, and evolve with ongoing product developments.

Select one of the three ordering options to benefit from all IGEL features including IGEL Cloud Gateway.

IGEL OS 11 subscription includes

Workspace Edition

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Workspace Edition software maintenance

Enterprise Management Pack

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IGEL Support

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  • Priority
  • Priority Plus
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Contact us for more information on this time limited special offer.

*Terms and conditions apply (includes a minimum seat number of 250 seats and the order must be executed within 10 working days after the offer has been made)

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